Recycling centre

About our recycling centre:

Recycling will be one of the big growth areas in Somebody Cares for 2017. We have always, since we began in 2002, recycled the majority of the goods that passed through our hands and we are looking at a number of ways of increasing this.

The Reuse Revolution Project is now up and running and has in the first year of operation been awarded the EFQM award, been accepted as a REVOLVE retailer and become a member of the CRNS consortium supplying reuse items to the local councils. 

Reuse Revolution also incorporates a refurbishment HUB that renews old items of furniture and upgrades them in a creative and often astonishing way. This greatly increases the amount of money we can raise from donations.

Reuse Revolution is a vital source of revenue for Somebody Cares and in these recession hit days, where charities are taking a real beating with donations significantly down, we need all of the help we can get to provide the necessary income to continue to provide the essential help that so many people need and to be able to continue to do it for FREE!!

You can be a huge help to us by giving your old items to us, (a local, well known charity doing an immense amount of work to help the poor and needy in our city, rather than some obscure, foreign company, giving a vague description of themselves, selling these items abroad for personal profit)

At this moment in time, we will take all of the old clothes, blankets, and other textiles you have. Shoes, handbags, belts, books and magazines, bric-a-brac, pots, pans, household metals and small electricals (any condition).

These can be delivered to our Trafalgar House HQ at Hareness Road, Altens or if you have a large quantity, we can arrange to collect.

Call us on 01224 200 197.
Somebody Cares will take...

TEXTILES - all of your old clothes, shoes, home textiles and handbags (must be in reasonable condition)

BOOKS - Only hard back books in good condition. 

SMALL ELECTRICAL - Hairdryers, shavers, computers, toasters, kettles, games consoles, etc.

GENERAL BRIC-A-BRAC - Pots, pans, cutlery, ornaments, kitchen items, hard toys, CD's, DVD's, computer games (must be in reasonable condition) can be useful to other people.

By giving your items for recycling to Somebody Cares you can have the comfort of knowing every pound earned is going back into helping the needy people of Aberdeen and shire.