Our History

Somebody Cares was created in 2002 when Jenny Taylor, inspired by seeing what Doug Stringer was doing with Somebody Cares America, decided to set up a small charity, helping people in need in Aberdeen.

'Original Somebody Cares buildings'
A small warehouse was rented in Wellington Street, Aberdeen and Jenny started, initially in a very small way, helping people with bits and pieces of furniture and very quickly discovered that food was a key necessity for people who were experiencing tough times.

Growth was steady and Somebody Cares stayed in Wellington Street for over 2 years and then moved to a bigger warehouse in Altens.

'Altens warehouse'
Again growth increased steadily and as they went forward, Jenny was able to increase the volunteer base and supplied food, furniture and clothing to many hundreds of families and individuals.

2005 saw the charity move to its 13,000 s.q ft. current warehouse... which coincided with a period of significant growth.

'Outside of Somebody Cares current warehouse in Summerhill... 13,000sq ft'
Year on year, numbers of people being helped continued to grow and in 2009, Somebody Cares gave food to over 4000 families and individuals, furnished over 1900 homes and provided clothes to hundreds and hundreds of people, helped by 90+ volunteers and recently, we have started taking on a number of unemployed people on work placement schemes and training programmes.

Right from the start, Jenny was committed to providing help to people at their point of need and for her, it was essential that this had to be for free!!

'How can you charge people when they are in trouble and needing help?' she would say and we are proud to say, this is still and always will be the operating procedure of Somebody Cares.

In these dark recession days that we are living in, Somebody Cares is growing literally week by week and we are now the largest charity in the area, providing free support to those urgently needing it.

Over 90% of the people we are helping are referred and we are working with 70+ agencies, churches, other charities and organisations in the city'

Somebody Cares is now in a phase of major growth with a number of new initiatives being brought in all tying in with our commitment...

'Somebody Cares Retail Outlet'

Where there is a need... to meet that need,

Where hope is gone... to help restore hope,

Where love is needed... to demonstrate love.