Mission & Vision

Major Growth

Somebody Cares is in a period of major growth and in these difficult days, where tens of thousands of people are in trouble, we are committed to being there for these people.

With the problems that are facing Government with major financial cutbacks and the Prime Minister asking the Third Sector (charity sector) to step in and help in what he is calling the Big Society, we are delighted to be able to say that Somebody Cares was well down that road before they came up with the idea.

We continue to expand our core operations.

We have opened the new retail outlet on the old Dobbies Garden Centre site in Hazledene Road and have reopened the hugely popular restaurant.

Both are doing really well and are great value.

We have launched the 'Aberdeen - the City that Cares' Food Initiative in which we are challenging the whole city to help us as we seek to provide food for thousands of people urgently needing help in the city and shire.

Somebody Cares launched the Food Appeal on the 13th December 2011 with it’s first major success. Our first task saw us making sure that many of Aberdeen’s most needy families had a great Christmas and did not go without. Working mainly with schools and some other charities, we distributed over 1200 food bags in the two days immediately before Christmas day and gave Christmas presents to every child in these families.

We recycle or reuse virtually everything we turn over which runs to hundreds of tonnes a year and we are looking to significantly expand this, especially in areas like textiles, books, bric-a-brac wood and a number of other items.

For an organisation like Somebody Cares, with our commitment to 'being people who make a difference', these are days of real difficulties but massive opportunity and we welcome other organisations, local government, companies and individuals to come to us with suggestions of how we can improve the impact we are making or enhance the services we offer.