about us

Somebody Cares is the leading organisation in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire providing free food, furniture, clothing and much more to the poor, the vulnerable and the marginalised people of the area.

Established in 2002, Somebody Cares has seen steady growth until the last year when the growth has been explosive and Somebody Cares, over the past year has assisted literally thousands of families, children, pensioners and individuals.

Somebody Cares has claimed for a number of years now, that no one in this area need go without and is immensely proud of the way it has been able to grow to meet a hugely increasing demand on a very limited budget.

The current financial restrictions created by recession, Government cutbacks, rapidly rising food and utility bills is creating huge problems for many highly respectable families and individuals with a frightening number of people falling into the poverty trap, where they have never been before and with no idea how to get out.

These are desperate days for a significant number of the population and it is going to get worse!!

In Aberdeen city alone, it is believed that there are over 50,000 people are in real trouble (confirmed by Aberdeen Council) and in the Press and Journal newspaper in mid February 2010 an article spoke of over 18,000 families living on less than £50 a week and this is predicted to rise to over 80,000 by the end of 2011.

The Somebody Cares commitment is that we are here to help these people and in the process, we are challenging the people of Aberdeen to come on the journey with us as we believe that if we can persuade the communities of Aberdeen, ie, the business community, the church community, the academic community, the residential communities and others to join with us and to support us... we can make Aberdeen and the North East unique in the land in the way it takes care of its less fortunate citizens.

A recent episode of the EXTREME MAKEOVER television show highlighted a situation where a whole city community came together to support a couple who were feeding thousands of people in Mexico and when the lady being helped saw the difference that the community support made... she spoke this phrase that we would like to pick up for our city and area...

We believe... with your help... we can help change the world of many unfortunate people in this whole area.